Spirit and Truth Fellowship of Knoxville
Church, Founded 2010

Web site: http://www.spirit-and-truth.net
E-mail: contact@spirit-and-truth.net
The mission of Spirit and Truth Fellowship is to be a church where sincere skeptics are welcomed in an atmosphere of mutual respect so that they can consider the possibility that God exists and understand what it means to have a relationship with Him.

Spirit and Truth Ministries
Nonprofit Organization, Founded 1991

Web site: http://www.spirit-and-truth.org
E-mail: contact@spirit-and-truth.org
The mission of Spirit and Truth Ministries is to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through singing, preaching, and other works of Christian ministry and charity. We provide limited, one-time assistance to needy families or individuals (funds paid directly to service providers) in our local service area, currently Knox County, Tennessee and its surrounding counties.

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